"Things just happen. What the hell."

Tallahassee, Florida, United States
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anime, anything by m.o.e., aria, arjuna, art flicks, beck, books, comics, douglas adams, dragon*con, ekien, fables, fantastic children, fantastic four, gilmore girls (seasons 1-5), gokusen, gurren-lagann, harry potter, heroes, honey and clover, kaleido star, kami-chama karin, knitting, lovely complex, maison ikkoku, manga, models inc, music, ouran host club, power pack, princess tutu, project runway, romeo x juliet, rpg's, runaways, sewing, spiderman, terry pratchett, the melancholy of haruhi, the venture brothers, the yankees, ugly betty, victorian romance emma, wii, wow, zelda
I am a 25 year old FSU graduate from the College of Education. I am planning on becoming an Elementary School Teacher, hopefully to grade 3 and up. I am in a committed relationship and have been for 5+ years. I like anime & manga, books, knitting, sewing, and working with kids. This LJ is friends only because I never want anyone I don't know in real life reading it. =P

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